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Økologi og bæredygtighed

Vi har spurgt vinhuset, hvad de gør sig af tanker om økologi og bæredygtighed - og ikke mindst hvad gør de på området.

Det har de lavet dette svar på, som vi gerne vil dele med Jer, for ud over at være økologisk certificeret, er de ret fokuserede på at gøre deres vinproduktion med stor omtanke for miljøet. Både for kvaliteten af vinen, men også for vinstokkene og familiens fremtides vinbønder og for alle os andre.
Cellar Aixalà i Alcait works by the future, taking care of our present.
Our way is grandparents’ way:

Rebuilt the dry stone margins to plant again our wine trees, using stones from our area. 
We feed our lands with muck from goat or sheep.
We work the land using our hands and tools typical from Priorat, although we work too using our tractor.
We keep the diversity of our area, planting together kinds of plants that they can sharing the same land.
The branches and peels that  become from the wine process are used again to feed to the lands, lying on the land some long time and using time later.
Don’t use chemical products, excepting S and Co, which are allowed by the organic farming and they’re always used in lower doses.
Our wines make the crianza in wood barrels, which are handmade.
Our wine bottles are closed using nature cork, that comes from Catalonia or Extremadura.
Following the  typical sayings  from here: “ Per Sant Josep el brot al cep.”  “Al setembre bon vi per vendre.”…
Looking at the future!
Sussi and Jordi, Celler Aiaxalá i Alcait
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