Medusa mørk vermut

Medusa mørk vermut

129,00 kr
En afrundet men markant vermut. Meget ren med aroma og smag fra urterne. 
Nyd den som den er, afkølet og med masser af isterninger, evt. med en skive appelsin.

Medusa Vermut Negre
Vinhus: Cellers Manyé Fortuny
Druer: 100% Macabeu
110 g sukker pr liter
1 L
  Product of Spain 

Rosa fortæller:
"We are the third generation of a company that sold wines in the small villages in tarragona. My grandfather started with a wagon, he also made some vermouth, and over time it is our star product. The recipe for black vermouth is our grandfathers.
We make vermouth with white wine, Macabeu variety, always of good quality but the more neutral the better the taste, as we want the aromas to be the ones we bring with the herbs.

This vermouth is sweetened with caramel, which is burnt sugar. We mix all these ingredients and let it rest for a couple of months, so that the tastes are refined".

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